June 13, 2014

Testing the Waters -- June 6, 2014

I visited a local stream the other day to see what the water looked like, now that run off is waning. Lower down the water was still a little turbid, but not too bad. Up higher, near the head waters, the water was clear.

I used the Suntech Suikei 39GM with a 10 foot #4 line. This is a very nice combination. For flies, I used a beadhead in the turbid section and a parachute Adams in the upper sections. This was the first time I had fished a dry fly in almost a year. It was fun, but I think I still prefer subsurface flies with tenkara.

Here is a short video of the outing:


  1. LOL! Nothing like giving yourself an ovation

    1. Sort of funny how the music timing played out, isn't it!