December 25, 2015

It Was a Good Year.

2015 was a good year in my life. It wasn't the most momentous. It wasn't the most financially productive. But it was a good year. There were no major illnesses nor tragedies. The specter of death was not seen. There were sunny days a plenty. Yup, 2015 was a good year in my life.

We had new additions to the family; both were long waited for. They have brought much joy into our lives and reestablished priorities that were long out of sync. I'm getting older and my life is passing before me too quickly. The trips around the sun are getting too short and so reevaluation was in order. I've decided to make a major change in my career. It's time to cut back and let the younger ones begin to take over. I guess it comes to all of us, and this is my time.  My focus is now to be on things that are more important.

I was able to fish more with my son this year. I was able to fish many new waters and to achieve some personal goals. I've got much more to do and I know that every year won't be like 2015. My health will not always be so good. Death will not always overlook our little family; it's part of the plan. But for now I'm am content. I have been blessed, and my eyes see the blessings each and every day.

Go England!

Honor Flight 2015.

I pray that your year has been a blessed one, and that 2016 will bring you joy and happiness. Thank you for being part of the Teton Tenkara family.


  1. Thank you sharing your tenkara experience. I know I've gained invaluable insights and throughly enjoy every single post. This tenkara angler appreciates it.

  2. Looks like a year well lived Tom. Hope all the best to you and your family this year.

    With a little luck we will be able to share some time on the water this coming season.