April 21, 2016

Run off is in full swing

All the streams near my home are running high and off colored, due to a generous snow pack this winter and recent warm weather. I'll have to wait for a while until they drop and clear a bit before I venture out to fish them.

There is one creek near my house that is spring fed and seems immune to the melting snow. It runs 56-58°F all year round and issues forth gin clear water. I only fish this creek in the spring, before the camping crowds come.

The creek has rainbows in it. They are small but very fun on a light rod. They are very hard to catch; because they are so skittish. It seems that most every day I fish the creek it has been full sun. This forces me to cast my best and be a stealthy as I can be. All in all it's good practice.

Here is a POV video of fishing the other day. Nothing very large -- the last fish is about 11 inches, and that is huge for this creek.

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