May 27, 2016

Tenkara - May 27, 2016

Memorial Day weekend -- a time in which I usually don't venture into the mountains, mainly due to all the people. But today I decided to risk it and go to the hills to fish a stream that is overlooked by many.

I've fished it before, I fished just a few weeks ago. The water was high and off colored. Still, I did pretty well with a worm pattern. I wanted to see how the water was shaping up and to see if I could still hook a few cutthroats.

When I arrived I was very pleased to see that no one else was around. Again, this stream is overlooked. The threat of thunderstorms may have something to do with it as well.

The water had dropped and was just starting to clear up. Despite this, I decided to go with a worm pattern again. I'm sure I could have fished with a more traditional pattern, but it's still spring in my part of the world and the worm pattern seems to out fish most anything. It didn't let me down.

Most of the cutthroats were on the small side. And they were no match for the Suikei 39. But that didn't matter. I love these fish, large or small. They are my native trout and are precious evolutionary survivors.

Here is a video of a few of the fish I took:

I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. Remember our veterans. Remember your ancestors. Happy summer!

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