December 11, 2016

Remembering Warmer Times

I was recently going through my collection of video data from this past year and came across some footage of a trip I did in the fall. I fished a section of river that I had never fished before but enjoyed quite a bit.

The reach had deep runs, pools and areas of very fast riffles. It was very challenging, in that the tree branches hung over the river in most places, making casting frustration. In the areas that were more open I took browns and cutthroats, so I know that in those other areas there had to be plenty of fish. I just couldn't present the fly to them.

This is my kind of water. It was technically challenging, and somewhat frustrating. There are easier reaches to fish on this stream but I shy away from those. Those sections get hit hard by western fly anglers, but they leave the more challenging sections alone.

Now that the weather has turned cold, I miss those warmer outings. I look forward to some winter fishing, but it's hard not to look back with fondness on those warm autumn days.

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