January 7, 2017

A Sad Thing Due to Computer Hacking

No, I'm not referring to the US election, I'm referring to the closing down of Tenkara-fisher.com. If you weren't aware, Tenkara-fisher.com was a forum for the dissemination of tenkara information that was hosted by Adam Trahan. The forum has been a place for tenkara anglers to share their knowledge and passion for this unique fishing style. In a world where more people share through social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, forums seem to be going away. Now it's Tenkara-fisher.com's turn.

The cause of the forum shutting down is foreign hacking. Not the Russian government, but some other entity. Nevertheless, after much effort and money in fighting this contamination, Adam has decided to shut the forum down.

Tenkara-fisher.com has not just been a forum, but it also has been a repository of fascinating interviews of tenkara anglers from around the world, These interviews were hosted by Adam and provided a special insight into the fixed-line fishing practices of many individuals, some Japanese and some not.

Tenkara-fisher.com also had many interesting articles related to tenkara fishing, camping, tenkara related gear, etc. Genryu and keiryu fishing were particularly highlighted with the gear and techniques reviewed in detail. You could come with a question about anything "tenkara" related and someone would help you out. The participants of the forum could be at times like family.

But, like a lot of families, Tenkara-fisher.com had some drama too. Sometimes opinions got heated and people got their feelings hurt; some people left or were banned. Heck I almost left at one point. But I always came back. I, like many others, saw the value of the forum and even donated money to offset Adam's expenses.

Not all forums or blogs stand the test of time. Not all can be like Troutrageous!, which celebrates it's tenth year this June. I'm sure that there will come of day when this blog, Teton Tenkara, will sign off and fade into cyber-history, but I'm sad to see Tenkara-fisher.com go. I didn't always agree with the way some things were presented and the ego's that got thrown around, but the information and, most importantly, the cyber-friendships that I made were of great value to me.

Adam has not given up though, and this is a good thing. Even as Tenkara-fisher.com shuts down, Tenkara-fisher.blogspot.com is rising, like a phoenix, from the ashes. This is Adam's blog, not forum, but it has had a promising birth as a place where some of the precious information Adam has gleaned over the years can be shared. As of this writing, it is chronically the genryu adventures of Japanese fixed-line anglers. They are well written and very informative. You can see that I've added Adam's blog to my blog list.

So, as I have said, I'm sad to see Tenkara-fisher.com go, but I'm glad to see Tenkara-fisher.blogspot.com arise. I hope all the articles and interviews will be preserved for future reference, even if the forum is not active. With the intent of preservation, I have republished my Treatise on Static Testing and the Classification of Tenkara, Keiryu, and Seiryu Rods, that I originally wrote for Tenkara-fisher.com, on Teton Tenkara. I placed it as a tab near the top of the blog for easy reference.

I wish Adam all the best with his new blog, and I would encourage all of my readers to subscribe to it.


  1. Tom, all of your content will be migrated over to the new site. Your Interview and your articles. The forum, which was the actual weakness that was exploited will be gone. All static articles will remain. The drama you reference will not follow the site migration. It is being resurrected by the forum members and I wish them luck.

  2. http://tenkara-fisher.blogspot.com/search/label/Dr.%20Tom%20Davis

    Got your Interview up, will get your other articles up soon. Just takes a little time. So much stuff and having to go through and cut and paste and check formatting and making sure...

    Hope you are well.