July 20, 2017

Wild Flowers and a Few Wild Fish

My local stream is finally clearing up. There is still snow that is visible from the stream bed, but it is high enough in elevation that it is no longer affecting stream flows.

I drove my motorcycle over the mountain the other day and was met is a stunning array of wild flowers and new greenery. The forest smelt so fresh and new; the promise of spring in high country come at last.

Because the water now clear, it also meant that it was much lower than at run-off. A bright sun and clear water demanded stealthy approaches to any potential trout lie. If that could be accomplished, and if your cast was correctly adjusted for the wind gusts, you were rewarded with a wild, native cutthroat.

I was there only for about an hour, then I needed to get back, but it was a nice outing and good to be back on the stream again.

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