October 8, 2018

Cutthroat Bookends

The other evening I had a few minutes, so I drove up the canyon and fished a section of stream that I hadn't explored before. In this reach the water is a little slower than elsewhere on the lower sections of this stream. That means more stealth in wading. You can't fish from the bank, unless you are a monkey and can fish while hanging from trees.

Right off the bat I caught a 10 inch cutthroat. But the fish from then on, except for the last one were browns.

The fish were liking a jun-style Grave Digger kebari this evening, although I did take the first two fish on a futsu-style grey wool kebari. I only changed flies because the grey wool kebari began to unravel. I normally don't use head cement on my flies, rather, I opt for two whip finish knots. Though in this case, the thread head was no match for the predator teeth.

The last fish was a 14 inch cutthroat. It was a beauty that came out from under a root mass, which in turn had made an eddy in the stream. I placed the Grave Digger right next to the roots and the big cutthroat snuck its nose out to inhale it. It was a beautiful fish.

I fished for 50 minutes, then drove back home for supper. The air was 56 degrees while the water was 50 degrees. It was just what I needed to end the day.


  1. Tom awesome fish for such a small stream.

  2. Hi Tom - Not sure how to contact you directly so here goes and hope you don't mind. I value your experience and opinion. What is your opinion on the SHIMOTSUKE Kiyotaki in 450cm for Euro nymph and streamer fishing? I have a short one based on your writings for small brookie streams, was wondering what you thought of the longer model.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael. I've never used the 450 cm version of that rod. I have had a 360 cm Kiyotaki and it broke on a hook set. It's interesting that the same rod in different lengths acts totally different! The Kiyotaki is nice in that it is inexpensive, but it is not a quality rod. I would choose the Daiwa Keiryu-X over the Kiyotaki for Euro nymphing/streamers. Just my thoughts. https://www.tenkarabum.com/daiwa-keiryu-x.html

  3. Thanks Tom i'll look into the Daiwa.