December 20, 2018

If You're a Nissin Fan You're Going to be Happy!

Nissin is coming out with a couple new rods. Let's take a brief look at them.

The first is the Tenkara Mini. This is possibly a variation of Nissin's Pocket Mini rod, but it appears to being issued only as a 3.2 m rod, rather than multiple lengths from 2.7 to 4.5 m as was the Pocket Mini. The Pocket Mini was not released in a 3.2 m length though. The Pocket Mini was advertised by Nissin as a keiryu rod, not a tenkara rod.  The tenkara version has a cork handle. It weighs in at 55 g. It remain to be seen if the flex action and RFI are the same or different from the Pocket Mini.

If it's anything like the original Pocket Mini it should be a great rod. Bear in mind that the Pocket Mini was a very delicate rod and prone to breaking. The Tenkara Mini might be equally as delicate. I guess we'll see!


The second rod is the Tenkara Level Line. This line of rods will be released in three lengths: 3.2, 3.6 and 3.9 m. Nested length is 57 cm and weights are 70, 80, 90 g, respectively. It has a EVA foam handle and a carbon weave that they claim gives "more compatible with higher designability and rigidity," (whatever that means!).

I generally like Nissin tenkara rods. I currently use Zerosum 360 7:3, Air Stage Fujiryu 360 5:5 and Air Stage Honryu 380 tenkara rods, all by Nissin. I have also had the Ramon 360 and Pro Spec 360 7:3 in the past. The Ramon was a little heavy and stiffer than I prefer. The Pro Spec kept breaking at the third section from the top. I have had other Nissin rods as well, and all though I liked them I've sold them in preference to some other rods.

Of the two new Nissin releases I'm most interested in the Tenkara Level Line. I'll see if I can pick one up and give it a review. The only question is, what length to get?


  1. That Tenkara Mini has a tippet rating between 5x and 3.5x - I'm thinking it'll be more robust than the pocket mini

  2. Did you ever get your hands on that Nissin Tenkara Level Line rod? It has my interest but can't find much info on it anywhere.

  3. I never did purchase the rod, so I never testing it.