June 5, 2020

Book of Favorite Flies, volume 1

Before I left on my mission, I made a book of many of my favorite flies; my so-called "confidence flies". These are the flies that I use on most every outing, and they have produced really well for me over the year, on all types of waters. 

I did the photography and editing myself, so it wasn't professionally done. But still, I think it turned out pretty well. The book is hardbound with a glossy cover ( and has that nice new book smell). 

The flies or kebari that I included are the ones that have taken most of my fish. Sure, I fish with others flies, but these are the heroes. They work for me everywhere. I also included the materials used to tie the flies.

I included one fly per page, but occasionally I let one fly cover two pages. 

It was a fun project that included thirty different flies and recipes. It looks great in my fly tying shelf too!

I'm working on a second volume that will include some new flies that have been working really well for me. I just need to test them a little longer on a variety of waters, to see if they can hold up to the productivity of the "old guard" flies from volume 1!

When I inherited my Grandfather's fly tying case and materials, he had some loose papers of recipes of his favorite flies. They are a treasure to me, but they are hard to read and decipher. I hope that my children and grandchildren will use my books and cherish them as much as I do Grandpa's papers. Hopefully they will find my books a little more legible, though!


  1. So Tom, is this book available anywhere? Looks useful and lovely as well.

    1. Hi Bill. No, it's not a commercial item, just one of my fly journals. However, I will be posting various pages from this book on Teton Tenkara periodically. They will be labeled as "Favorite Flies".

    2. Well sorry to hear that but I'm glad you'll be posting some of it. I'm currently 10 days into rehab from a knee replacement. Going well but bored. :-)