November 21, 2021


Mentoring is an important part of a civil society. It is a way for students to learn knowledge and skills efficiently, and it's a way for teachers to share the knowledge that they have acquired over years of study. But it's more than just this. Mentoring helps makes friendships. It fosters an interest. not only in the person being mentored, but in that persons success in their chosen endeavor and in society in general. It's a way to give back and to pass on what the mentor has learned. Mentoring is more than just teaching. Mentoring implies engagement. 

I've had the opportunity to mentor a young man who loves to fish. I started working with him a few years ago, and over those years we've had some fun outings together. He's not only interested in fishing, but he's interested in tenkara. This has made our relationship fun and rewarding, as we share what we've learned and try to expand our skill set. 

Here are some videos of a couple of our fishing sessions. We've had a lot of fun fishing together. No matter where life takes us, we will always be able to remember what fun we've had.  I encourage everyone of engage in mentoring. It doesn't have to be in tenkara. Share what you have learned over your life. Not only will it help others, but it will be rewarding in and of itself. It will put a smile on your face.


  1. Tom great videos per usual. Mentoring is much needed these days and you are right for the job.

  2. Well done Tom. Catching up on reading blog posts today, this is an exceptional lesson for all.