November 30, 2022

Joining Forces With Tenkara Angler


I have joined forces with Tenkara Angler as a member of their team. With Mike, Jason, Matt and Anthony making up the editorial board, and representing the eastern and midwestern US, I'll add my voice and cover tenkara in the western and intermountain US. My rod and equipment reviews, as well as fly tying tutorials will be posted on that extensive tenkara-related site. I'll continue to post on Teton Tenkara, but it will be my personal tenkara journey and fishing journal. 

I hope you'll continue to join me at both places, and we'll be able to enjoy our tenkara experience together! Here we go!!


  1. Great to see Tom, you'll be a valuable asset with the knowledge you can bring to that team.

  2. Welcome back! Yep, will be checking in, both places.