September 10, 2023

May 5, 2023 - A nice little creek close to home.

Of all the creeks that I are close enough to comfortably drive to, this one is clearly the best for late winter, early spring fishing. It’s far enough away from my home to have an enjoyable drive, yet close enough not to be a pain to get to.

The creek comes down through a canyon which is near a small east Idaho town. It's loaded with small to medium size rainbow trout and a few brook trout. The largest rainbow I’ve ever taken out of this creek is about 13 inches, but the vast majority of fish are in the 6-9 inch range.

On this creek, I usually use a 360 cm rod that has a full flex action. In fact, it’s one of the few streams where I prefer to use a softer action rod. I like to use the Daiwa Tenkara Master L LL36, although in the past I have preferred to use the Daiwa Sagiri 39MC at its 340 cm length. Since I sold the Sagiri years ago, I now mainly use the Tenkara Master. Another rod that works really well here is the Shimano Pack Tenkara.

However, on this outing I used the Nissin Professional Kawashi 360 cm 7:3. It’s perfect for these size of trout, and it gives me some challenge in keeping them out of the stream side underwater snags.

Earlier, I stated that this is one of the best streams near my home for late winter/early spring fishing. This is because this creek tends to run very clear, even when other streams are swollen with snow melt. This year this stream actually did swell with snow melt, but it wasn’t for many weeks after other streams had already been flowing with high water levels. This vlog was taken before run-off occurred. 

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