October 1, 2023

June 8, 2023 - Mizuchi and Browns

This particular small creek is one of my favorites. It’s very accessible and has miles of fishable water. There are some dispersed campsites along the creek that do limit fishing if someone is occupying them,  but otherwise this beautiful creek has access galore. I fish it mainly in spring and autumn, but less so in the height of summer when lots of campers are around.

I have fished it with many different rods. I frequently fish it with a 360 cm rod like the TB36, but lately I have been preferring the Mizuchi at is 340 cm length. It provides me with enough length to reach certain spots, but it also is short enough that it lets me cast under the branches of some of the taller trees. It allows me finesse casting into tight lies, but power to pull fish out of the current and snags. 

In this particular video, I fish with a bead head Pink Squirrel futsu kebari. I only started fishing with this earlier this year and it’s really been a producer for me. Later in the video I also fish a Frenchie. Interestingly enough, both of these flies have a similar color scheme, only they have different sizes and profiles.

The fish are mostly browns, with the occasional cutthroat. They range from 6-16 inches. In this vlog, I hook into some nice 14 inchers. Fourteen inches is my favorite size trout to catch. 

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