January 30, 2012

More Tenkara

After that first experience with Tenkara I knew that this could be the beginning of a long love affair! I hit the river about once a week and tried different flies: nymphs, soft hackles and dries. I bought another leader, this time it was a hand tied HiVis leader from Chris at TenkaraBum. It is a beautiful leader. The shockingly bright orange stands out against any background. It turns over with just a slight flick of the wrist. Nicely done Chris!

I also bought a net from Sam at flyfishingnets.net . It is beautifully made and such a work of art. I like wood nets. I always have. This net has a 16 inch handle that is just right for me. With it I don't have to bend over too far to get the fish -- very nice! I may replace to netting with some fine mesh from Tenkara USA -- just for fun!

I holster the net with a Smith Creek net holster. It fits the net perfectly. It is easy to retrieve the net and easy to holster the net. The net is out of the way until called into action. This is a great little item.

Nice way to control the net. BTW, this guy is not me :)

Well, the fishing over the weeks has been great! I had some 20+ fish in 2.5 hours days.  Really nice! None of the fish were bruisers, but who cares! It was just plain fun!

One of the cooperative rainbows

A stretch of the river fished

A beautiful day on the water


  1. Tom, thanks for the new blog on Tenkara! I noticed that you mentioned "leader" instead of line. What size tippet? What fly(s) did you use?

    1. Hi Big C,

      Yes, you are right that I used the incorrect terminology for the furled line. I guess I still have western-style fly fishing terminology inbedded in my brain!!

      This day I used Rio 6X fluorocarbon tippet. The fly was a #18 olive Bunny Dun. There were BWO on the water and this fly is a perfect match -- high floating, very durable, very easy to see.

  2. Great pictures as well. Just got back from an Entomology class last weekend. It was a refresher course for me. It had been over 20 years since the last time I had fished very much. Over the last 3 years I have taken it up again (self employed). Picked up an 11 ft Iwana second hand last year and have not fished my western rods much since then. Also have an Amago and an Ito. Love my Amago, it is a sweet rod. Thanks for the information, and looking forward to reading more, Chris

  3. I know that water... in fact, I just fished downstream of there with a Tenkara about three weeks ago...

    1. Yes, it is nice water to have open during the winter. We may even get to fish it during the spring this year due to lower than usual snow pack and anticipated run-off.



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