March 18, 2012

TrailLite Designs Ebira Plus

I recently went on a Tenkara trip with Tenkara Guides. I needed something to carry my rods in for the trip so I purchased a Ebira Plus from TrailLite Designs.

TrailLite Designs offers three styles of ultralight Tenkara rod carrier: Ebira, Ebira Plus, Ebira Guide. As you could guess, the Ebira Plus carries more than the Ebira and less than the Ebira Guide.

From TrailLite Designs: "Ebira means quiver in Japanese. The Ebira ("ey-beer-ah"), by TrailLite Designs, is a quiver for a tenkara fly rod. In keeping with the spirit of tenkara fishing the Ebira is a simple, practical and highly functional fly fishing system that is perfect for ultra light backpacking and fly fishing. The Ebira carries your fly fishing essentials in a clip on pocket at your hip. Both the quiver and the pocket provide easy access without removing the Ebira." Here are its specifications:
  • Materials: Dyneema X (TM), ultra strong and very durable.
  • Weight: 2.5 oz complete with carry cord and attachable pocket.
  • Size: 4.5" (2.25" per rod sleeve) x 22.5" long quiver.
  • Two separated rod sleeves.
  • Single, large, attachable pocket.
  • Adjustable 2mm carry cord. 
I ordered my Ebira Plus on March 1st, 2012 from directly TrailLite Designs. I received it on March 7th. It came via USPS in a small, flat padded envelope.

The Ebira Plus is exactly as advertised. This is a no frills rod carrier that gets the job done. It is amazingly light, but sturdily built. The materials appear to be of high quality. The stitching is tight and the thread appears to be high quality as well.

It is designed to be carried over one shoulder and not to be in the way of casting. It can be switched from one shoulder to the next with changing the clip position at the "bottom" of the Ebira.

Clips to change from right-sided carry to left

The carrier has two chambers that is designed accommodate one Tenkara rod each. My chambers are just wide enough that I can carry two rods in each chamber if neither has EZ-Keepers on them, and if they are placed head to butt. I can carry my Iwana-12 and Amago in one chamber and my Ito in the other. That is probably more rods than I would need on any one outing, but its nice to know that it can be done! BTW, since the sleeves are 22.5 inched long, the tipward 3 inches of my Ito sticks out. This is not an issue for me. My Iwana-12 and Amago together fit fully inside the sleeve (although in the picture below I have them peeking out just a little so you can see how they fit in the sleeve).

Ebira Plus with rods (Ito, left; Iwana-12, Amago, right)

Part of the shoulder strap is wide, so not to cut into your shoulder. On this strap there is a simple daisy chain for attaching accoutrement's like nippers, hemostat, floatant, etc. The Ebira Plus can essentially function as an over the shoulder lanyard that can also carry your rods as well -- very cleaver!

Shoulder strap with daisy chain

The adjustable portion of the should strap is a length of synthetic cordage. It is tied to the bottom of the carrier and then passes through a slip adapter attached to the wide shoulder strap. This allows you to easily and quickly adjust the shoulder strap as needed. This design is very basic, but it is very light and functional.

The pocket is attached via plastic clips and an elastic strap near the bottom of the carrier. It is 7 inches long x 4 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall. It has a center positioned water resistant zipper running its length. This makes access easy. It will easily carry a few lines (with carriers), a small fly box, and assorted small necessities. If you use this pocket as your only storage you will have to be ultra-selective in what you bring.

Ebira Plus pocket

I carried the Ebira Plus for 8 hours (over my right shoulder) on my fishing trip with Tenkara Guides. At first, I noticed that the Ebira Plus would rotate due to the weight of the rods, but then I tightened up to shoulder cord so that the rods sat snugly against my back. This stopped the rotating. From then on I never even knew the Ebira Plus was there until I needed it.

A typical stretch on a typical Wasatch Front creek

We waded through pools and crawled over boulders. We crouched under trees and around rocky overhangs.  I cast, oh maybe a billion times, and I even caught some fish. The Ebira Plus never got in the way!

Conclusion: So, for a simple, lightweight rod carrier I think this is a nice item. It is pretty restrictive on what it will carry, but if you are selective in what you bring, the Ebira Plus could get you through a day of fishing without using any other gear carrier. After all, isn't that what ultralight adventures are all about!! Simple, light, efficient!!!

TrailLite Designs Ebira Plus Overview (* poor, ***** excellent)

Ease of purchase                       ***** 
Quality of materials                   *****
Fit and Finish                           ***'
Physical Characteristics            ***'
Fishability                                  ***'
Overall                                       **** (4 out of 5 stars)


  1. I love the Ebiras, I now use most either the Ebira Guide or the single Ebira. Most of the time all you ever need.

    1. I thought about getting the Ebira Guide, but the Plus answered for my needs. I think all the Ebiras are pretty nice carriers.



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