February 24, 2013

Another Day Out -- video

I spend another few hours on the water the other day. I worked a section of the river that was compressed by ice making the current fast and relatively deep -- about mid thigh deep. I started out using the Shimano Tenkara 34-38 ZL but after hooking some nice sized browns and not being able to control them I switched over to the Daiwa LT36SF.

The fly of the day was a #14 BH Prince, but I also caught a few on  a variation of the UKB.

The net hoop is 10.5 inches wide 


It was a nice couple of hours. The largest fish of the day looked like it was about 14-16 inches. I say "looked like" because I couldn't net it. The Shimano couldn't hold it in the current. 

Here is the video of the fish:

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