March 12, 2013

TrailLite Designs Ti Net Plus -- review

I have owned two TrailLite Designs Ti Nets, both were the angled versions. The first had a black mesh and went floating down the river as I was releasing a stubborn cutthroat. The second has a white mesh and is tethered to my belt so I don't repeat the same stupid act as with the first! I have written about the Ti Net before, and as I stated then, I really like the net.

Recently I received a TrailLite Designs Ti Net Plus. This is the larger sibling of the standard Ti Net and has many of the same innovative features -- just on a larger scale.

The net came from Thom Darrah of TrailLite Designs in a USPS Priority Mail box. The net was wrapped in a separate protective envelope inside the box -- good packaging! After opening the protective envelope (be very careful so not to cut the net mesh when removing the bag) the full net is revealed. My Ti Net Plus is a straight (non-angled) version, but I don't think an angled version is offered. My mesh is black and is secured at the titanium hoop with 22 wraps; These are 4 cm apart giving excellent support to the mesh. The hoop itself is 11 inches (27.9 cm) and has a thicker titanium gauge wire than the Ti Net standard. The net is fine nylon mesh, uncoated. The net depth is 8 inches ( 20.5 cm).

Coke can for scale (not included)

The handle is carbon fiber and has a glossy woven appearance. It is 14 inches ( 35.5 cm) long (but advertised as 16 inches). The diameter of the handle is 17 mm compared to the standard Ti Net which is 15 mm. The whole Ti Net Plus weights about 130 gm.

On the river, the Ti Net Plus is great. I thought at first I would have preferred an angled version, but now that I've been fishing with the non-angled Ti Net Plus I'm not sure I really care. It fits just fine into my Smith Creek Net Holster and is easy to both remove and re-holster. It also will fit through your belt, but because the handle is a larger diameter and longer in length it is a little more difficult to get out and then back into your belt.

This net is made for larger fish. I have netted trout up to 18 inches in my standard Ti Net, but the largest (so far) I have netted in the Ti Net Plus is 16 inches. I did net an 18 inch Mountain whitefish though.  Given its diameter and net depth I'm sure it could easily handle a trout well into the 20+ inch range. All I have to do now is convince a 20+ inch trout to take my fly!

Conclusion: I like the TrailLite Designs Ti Net Plus. Personally, I could have wished it had another 1-2 inches longer handle, but that is just me. All-in-all, it is pretty great just the way it is. Oh, and I have a tether attached, so I don't loose this one!


  1. Thanks for sharing the review ...... very good ...

  2. these nets are really special. If you haven't used a tamo with proper netting such as in these or traditional tenkara tamos yet, you are missing out. the netting actually helps release fish. this version of the traditional tenkara net is the same as the modern carbon telescopic version of the old traditional split bamboo tenkara rods.

    I haven't moved up to the larger diameter version yet, but I have modified my existing net as follows:
    (1) I bought the angled version. The wire can be bent to make a straight version (which happened accidentally when I had it in my pack and had a fall when I didn't take care with the tie point for the rope for coming down the side of the canyon). I've actually come to like the straight version better.
    (2) I shortened the handle so it would fit in my pack better, and in my belt better without the butt catching on fallen trees and logs in the river as I climbed over them. I find the shorter handle better to use.
    (3) these nets are really really tough - I've bent it and bashed it by catching it as I climb over rocks and logs, and mine is still going strong. My wooden net wouldn't have survived. That's a piece of gear I like for tenkara, simplicity + well designed for purpose + reliability. with the added bonus of feather light, so never an issue to carry.

    In many of my streams I prefer and most often use a daiwa foldable one touch to make it easier to bush bash through to the river and along the bank, but my favourite net remains the Ti net for its design and features.