May 26, 2013

TrailLite Designs Tenkara Creel -- review

I received one of TrailLite Designs Tenkara Creels for review. Like all of Thom Darrah's products, it is aesthetically pleasing, well designed and robustly constructed.

The creel is an ultralight way to keep a few of what you catch without making a mess. It is 12 inches long and has a mesh bottom to allow water to drain out. The creel has a titanium ring 6 inches in diameter that keeps the the creel open and from collapsing in on itself. There is a drawstring or cinch top that forms a funnel shape so you can just slide those little brook trout in without a fuss. This whole thing weighs 3.6 oz. -- only 2.2 oz without the webbing! It can strap to your belt or be used with the provided webbing.

With cinch top open and extended

Mesh bottom for drainage and aeration
Cinch top forming funnel
Webbing attachment

Personally, I don't eat trout. Less so for conservation, but more so in that I don't like the flavor. That said, I have been known to keep a few planter rainbows and, more preferably, a few of those pesky invasive brook trout to eat when I am backpacking. This creel will be a great way to keep my self-imposed fish harvest fresh until I get back to camp.

Although not designed for any other purpose, the TailLite Designs Tenkara Creel also makes an ultralight, ultra-secure, ultra-convenient way of collection streamside trash. It is large enough to hold a few beer cans and lots of plastic trash! Remember: Always leave the stream better than you found it.

If you too keep a few trout when appropriate, or need a way to carry out streamside trash, here is your answer. This is a well made product that does exactly what it's designed to do! If you want one, just go to the TrailLite Designs online store or TenkaraBum.

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