June 11, 2013

Tenkara 6-10-2013: POV and 3rd Person Video

I worked my way up a local mountain stream yesterday day. The weather was beautiful. There was a bit of a wind that got in the way of casting, but that didn't spoil the water.

I fished using a #3 orange line, 12 feet, with a 1 foot green Amnesia sighter. This is becoming my standard line. I've tried a lot of lines over the last year, but this line seems about the easiest to make and mend. As far as the green Amnesia, my eyes see green much better than red.

I used only an Amano kebari with a peacock collar. Its a nice fly and has been producing well this year. I tie it on a variety of hooks; tailored to whether I want it lightweight or heavier. I use white sewing thread. The peacock is wrapped over a light application of Super Glue, to increase its durability.

I caught cutthroats (my favorite), browns, and one rainbow.

Once again, I used both POV and 3rd person video equipment. This shows different points of view of the stream, the area, the fishing and the fish. It takes a little more effort to do this, but it's sort of fun seeing the results.

Here is the video:

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  1. Great video, enjoy living vicariously through the trip reports. Would be interested in seeing your camera setups and how you rig them for the 3rd person view as well. Thanks