June 23, 2013

Tenkara "Midi" line

I recently received and fished with the Fujino Tenkara Midi line from Tenkara Bum. This is a tapered nylon tenkara line which is very Hi-Vis. For the most part, I fish with level fluorocarbon lines, like a lot of you do. But because of its unique qualities, I wanted to try the Tenkara Midi.

I used the line one a small mountain stream protected by streamside trees and shrubs. I used a full-flex 360 cm rod , as the Midi, being a nylon line, is lighter than a standard fluorocarbon tenkara line. The day had full sun, but there was a breeze blowing. I used the trees to shield against too much air movement. Because the line is nylon, it requires a little longer and more deliberate stretch to remove the loops created by storage before fishing.

The first thing that you notice with this line is that it is really bright! Fluorocarbon formulations must be difficult to color since comparative nylon lines (Tenkara Midi, and Amnesia) are so much brighter. This brightness makes the line easy to see against most any background. In fact, the only time I had difficulty seeing the line was when it was directly back lit by bright sunlight reflecting off the water's surface -- but I find that situation to be the most difficult to see any line!

Casting the line is a little different than with a fluorocarbon line. Since the Midi weighs less (less dense) than fluorocarbon it seems to just float through the air and deliver the unweighted kebari with feather-like delicateness  It was, in fact, difficult to splash the fly down hard as is needed in certain fishing situations. This really is a feather-weight presentation line!  I didn't use the line with dry flies, but I bet it would be great for a delicate delivery.

The only downside I can see to using this line more often is that being so lightweight it is very much affected by the slightest air movement. I found that even a slight breeze would move my fly off target. This was a tad bit annoying, but it does't make me want to not use this line. I'll just have to be selective as to when I use it.

I'm glad I tried this line; it has its place among my specialty lines. I'll experiment with it more, especially when I need a very light , delicate presentation.

You can buy this line from Tenkara Bum.

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