July 19, 2013

Up coming trip.....

I won't be posting for over a week since I will be fishing! Starting Monday, I'll be fishing two to thee different streams per day and then returning to base camp (my house near Victor, ID) each night. I'll be hitting various streams on both sides of the ID-WY state line and hopefully catching a lot of fish!

I'll take my GoPros with me to try to record the action. Hopefully I'll have lots of footage to compile into many videos. I don't plan on doing 3rd person view while I'm on this trip; it requires a little extra setup and gear that I don't want to bother with. So, POV it is.

I'll be in touch. I'm expecting to have lots to report (favorably I hope). Until then -- Cheers!


  1. Dang now I am extra jealous Tom. Have a good time. Does the little general store still do Saturday Burgers on the grill out front and shakes at the fountain counter? Can't remember the name now but seemed like it was right in the center of Victor.

    1. Thank, Paul.

      Yes the Victor Emporium is still there. They finally got extra large straws so now you can suck up those delicious huckleberries in the shake without using a spoon!


    2. AWWWW MAN! Guess I need to gas up the Tenkaramobile and do a road trip. Huckleberry shakes are the best.


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