October 1, 2013

Two flies

This past summer I have been fishing a lot with two flies. In reality, they are two variations of the same fly: change the thread color, wool color, and hackle color. They are not fancy, but then again, tenkara flies are generally not fancy when compared to more "traditional" patterns. All I know is that they take fish consistently. I mainly fish them in high gradient streams on the Rocky Mountain/Intermountain region.

Here are the two flies, a light colored version and a Utah Killer Bug version. I don't have names for either; I don't usually name my flies unless forced to. I usually tie these flies with just wool, hackle and thread, but sometimes I'll add a gold wire tag if I've added some weight. The hackle can be tied either perpendicular to the hook shaft or slightly swept backwards. I don't think the fish seem to care.

Fly #1:

Hook: Euro Competition #10-12
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Tenkara Bum Killer Bug yarn
Hackle: Brown or red standard dry fly

Here is a brief, poor quality video of how I tie this fly:


Fly #2: similar in form but different in coloration.

Hook: Euro Competition #10-12
Thread: Red 8/0
Body: Shetland Sprindrift "Oyster" (Utah Killer Bug) yarn
Hackle: Black standard dry fly

Again, here is a brief video of me tying this fly:

If you get a chance, give them a try. Let me know if they work for you. I sure like 'em!

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  1. Tom, perhaps i've made some catches with yarn bodied flies
    my fishes here seem to prefer a more "fluffy" body made with
    marabou fibers or even cdc.
    Nice tying!


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