November 5, 2013

More Small Stream Tenkara, October 2013

I had some left over video from my recent small stream tenkara adventures. So, last evening I edited and thew it together so that I could share it. The video is comprised of me fishing two different streams; they are about 10 miles apart. I fished the smaller of the two earlier in the morning. It was still pretty cold as I wandered among the river birches in the shade of the canyon walls. The second stream is still small, but larger in flow than the first. By the time I reached the second stream the sun was out and it had warmed up enough to shed my jacket.

The video is POV; again, because of the difficulty shooting third person among tight branches. There a little narration and music.


  1. Hard to tell because of the wide angle lens, but how long is your line when you fish these little streams

    1. For these streams I used a 9 foot #3.5 fluorocarbon line with 20 inches on 6X tippet. I could have (and probably should have) used a little longer line on the second creek, as it was more open. But I had used the rod/line/fly on the first creek and it was already set up that way for the second creek -- I was too lazy to change lines!

  2. Hello from France!!! Your channel is very pleasant and I have just subscribed, magnificent videos! Thanks for sharing !
    Can you explain me a thing?
    How detect you the touch with a nymph? By looking at the nylon?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello! Welcome to Teton Tenkara!

      I detect the fish by both the visual hesitation of the line and by the feel of the fish taking the fly. So, my eyes and my hand work together. Bear in mind that this approach only works if the line if tight.


    2. Hello Tom, thank you very much for your very fast answer. This technique indeed seems to ask for a lot of practice and experience...
      Thank you, it is very kind, your blog is magnificent!

  3. Your videos are awesome Tom. They make my work day go by so much better. =) "I'd rather be fishing"


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