January 20, 2014

Frogg Toggs Boonie Hat -- review

Over a year ago I reviewed my new wading rain jacket made by Frogg Toggs. I was impressed with the design and value for the money. Because of this good experience, I decided to purchase a new rain hat from Frogg Toggs last summer. I purchased their Boonie Hat.

The Boonie hat is a wide brimmed, breathable, rain hat that is made from the Frogg Toggs proprietary waterproof material. It is extremely lightweight and crushable for packing.  It has an adjustable elastic strap so it can be adjusted to your head. The hat is very lightweight and comfortable. The hat comes in a variety of different colors; I chose RealTree camo.

Adjustable strap for individual sizing (seam seal was added by me --not original to the hat)

Moisture wicking headband and chin strap

I've used this hat a number of times in rain storms from Oregon to Arkansas. Unfortunately, it leaks. Although the seams appear to have an attempt at being sealed, the hat leaks water onto your head. The material appears to be waterproof, but the seams are not. The seams are heat fused, but on a number of the seams the fusing process has melted tiny holes in the outer layer of the hat, allowing water to penetrate and drip down the back of your neck -- most uncomfortable.

Seam leaks (held up against a light)

Conclusion: I can't recommend this hat for rain. It makes a nice sun hat as it is very comfortable, lightweight and has a large brim, but since the seams leak, it is substandard for rain. I have since sealed the seams myself and it is better, but I still can't recommend this hat.

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