January 5, 2014

Guest Post -- Peacock Bass with The Tenkara Times NEXT rod

I received an email from my tenkara friend Carlos Blatt that showed the first fish he took with his new Tenkara Times NEXT 360 5:5 rod. He lives in Brazil and fishes tenkara using a kayak. He made the video for Oleg Stryapunin of The Tenkara Times. Carlos says he likes the rod and I can see why -- such a beautiful fish! With his permission, I am reposting his video here.

Carlos has other tenkara videos on his YouTube channel. I encourage you to find and watch them as well. Thanks Carlos! Feliz Ano Novo!


  1. So cool that Tenkara is getting into Brasil. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting it Tom.
    Strangely i did not like to cast fluorocarbon level lines with it as
    much as i liked to cast a floating and a titanium line.

    I've yet to try a furled line to feel how it goes.


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