January 29, 2014

Tenkara January 27, 2014

I went to the river the other day to test a couple of new rods. Yes, there will be reviews coming up (I hope I'm not boring you too much with these rod reviews). The weather was warmer, about 27 degrees< the skies were slightly overcast and the breeze was 2-3 mph. So, all in all, not bad weather.

I'm slowly fishing every section of this one river. Each time I go, I take a new stretch. In the winter I try to arrive at noon and leave by 3 pm. This amount of time lets me catch a dozen or more fish and yet not be frozen solid by the time I leave. My fingers and toes get the coldest, but I think this is not a surprise.

I fished some pools, runs and the pocket water. I used a Tenkara-Fishing Pure Line 350 6:4 rod with a #3.5 12 foot level line and 2.5 feet of 5X tippet. I'll post a formal rod review next post. This time of year I fish beadheads predominantly. They just seem to produce better on my waters in winter than kebari. I love fishing, but I love catching more.

A representative brown

A sample cutthroat

I ended up catching a baker's dozen in 2.5 hours. No whitefish even though I tried. I got some video and I didn't get too cold -- all good.  In a couple of spots I could see the fish holding tight to the stream bottom. They let me wade close enough that I could place the fly far enough upstream of them to allow it to sink. I could not only feel the take, but I could see them take the beadhead too. Pretty fun!

Anyway, here is the video:

Coming up in the next post: Review of the Tenkara -Fishing Pure Line 350 6:4 tenkara rod.


  1. I use to take my western rods out this time of year and suck the ice off my guides to make another cast on the Clackamas River and Eagle Creek. LOVE TENKARA! Your outings and comments are always enjoyed.

    Thanks for an excellent site!

    1. The Clackamas and Eagle Creek! What fun I had there many years ago!

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Another post and video much appreciated at this dreary (fishing wise) time of year in my neighborhood. Thanks.

    And your rod reviews are the best. Bring them on.

  3. Boring rod reviews?
    No way! Keep them coming.

    By the way, nice video.

    1. Thanks, Carlos! I will keep them coming. Of course, at some point I'm going to run out of rods to review since I can't buy them all. I guess I'll have to give rod durability "updates" then.

  4. Hi Tom, Andrew here, I have to agree, the rod reviews are great! Enquiring minds want to know. Real Nice winter fishing vid too

  5. Tom,

    Another enjoyable video. I am anxious to read your review of the Tenakra-Fishing 350. It was the first tenkara
    rod I purchased. I really enjoy my 350 and Paul is great to work with.

    1. Thanks, Shawn. I'll post it in just a few days. Soon.


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