February 24, 2014

Tenkara January 27, 2014 -- part 2

On January 27 (Wow, almost a month ago. February has been busy and gone by fast), I hit the river and fished with two different rods. The first was the Tenkara-Fishing Gokupse 350 cm rod and the second was the Shimano LLS36NX. I've already reported on the Gokupse 350 cm, and I'll do a comprehensive review of the Shimano soon. But today I just wanted to report the fishing with the Shimano.

It was a typical winter day, 27 degrees F with a light breeze. I fished with the Shimano for about an hour and a half using a 12 foot #3.5 level line. In that amount of time I took around a dozen trout. As usual, I fished upstream. Although I didn't fish very long, it was long enough for me to see that the Shimano is a wonderful rod and will likely be among my favorites. Again, a full review is coming up.

Here is a 3rd person view video of the fishing/catching. As usual, the drift and take are marked. I hope you enjoy it.

This week I go to fish the Big Wood with Paul Gibson of Tenkara-Fishing. I'm looking forward to it and hope that the weather and water will cooperate!


  1. I was offered this rod for christmas but did not use yet but with the trout season opening in two weeks the problem will be solved! Thanks for sharing, it seems to be a very good rod.

    1. Christophe,

      The LLS36NX is an excellent rod -- one of the best 360 cm rods I've ever used.

  2. Dr. Ishigaki told me long ago that among Japanese tenkara anglers, Shimano and Daiwa are considered to be the best rods. Having fished the Shimano LLS36NX, Daiwa LL36SF and LT36SF, I can certainly understand why they believe that. (He told me that before Nissin came out with its Zerosum - which I would put in about the same category). They really are that much better!


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