August 24, 2014

Rain and Lightning, but I had to go Fishing!

We have had persistent afternoon thunderstorms the past two weeks. My rain gauge has over two inches of water in it from the recent storms. That may not sound like much to you folks from the Midwest or the South, but I live in a desert so two inches of rain is a lot.

Most all of the rain has come from afternoon monsoon thunderstorms. These, of course, bring lightning. Rain I don't mind, but lightning kills, so I have been avoiding fishing. But yesterday I just had to get out.

I planned on going to a local creek for a few hours, but lightning drove me further away in search of safer waters. I found a creek out of the lightning zone but it was still raining.

The creek has small fish in it -- a 12 incher in huge! But I needed a tenkara fix so fish I must, even for little guys.

I used two different rods, depending on the limitations imparted by the riparian foliage. I used the Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 24 and the Allfishingbuy Shibasu 3010. I've used the former rod a lot on small streams; it is one of my favorites. The later rod is new to me. I'll formally review it soon. I rotated flies after every few fish -- why, just because I felt like it. I've been mainly using these flies this summer on small streams:

I caught a lot of trout. They were either rainbows or browns and most were 6-8 inches. The most fun found on this size of creek is not the fish size, but the challenge in getting close to the fish and placing the fly into the tight pockets in which they hold. The majority of perfect lies are impossible to fish, since they are under fallen trees. They act as a safe haven for the larger trout, who in turn repopulate the stream every year with fry. Even the worm fishermen can't get to these nice lies.

The largest fish I took was between ten and eleven inches. That's a nice one for this creek. It was a brown.

I fished only about two and a half hours then drove home. It was very refreshing to get back outside.

Here is a video of the fish, rods, and flies. Nothing spectacular.


  1. Watching this nice video reminded me of what my dad often told me: "Fisherman's bad weather is trout's good weather." Nothing is more true.

  2. Thanks for sharing another video. I won't have a chance to fish trout streams until I visit NC in October. Central IN is pretty void of trout. Looking forward to your review of the AFB Shibasu.


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