August 20, 2014

Smith Creek Rig Keeper

In tenkara, simple is purported to be best. In fact, the quest for simple is a passion with some tenkara fishers and they measure their tenkara purity by how simple they can get. You know the saying, "a rod, line and fly" -- that's all you need. So some think that if you have two rods, some lines and a box of flies you are not worthy of being a tenkara fisher. If you can't fit everything you need into an Altoids tin then you too are not worthy.

I recently received a new fly fishing item from Wayne Smith of Smith Creek that may appeal to the minimalists out there. It is called the Rig Keeper. It is designed to be a holder for pre-tied dropper systems, and I dare say it works great for this. But it may also have a dual purpose for those that want to have the lightest, most minimalistic way to carry flies and lines.

The Rig Keeper is a foam attachment 10.5 cm X 5 cm (4.1 X 2 inches) that hangs from your pocket by a provided cable ring. It weighs 20.7 g (0.7 oz). There are three black plastic ribs that keep the foam from hitting your shirt helping to greatly reduce the chance that your flies get rubbed off. The foam is high quality. It is pre-cut to allow flies to be anchored securely and allow their attached tippet to wound around -- ready to go! Both sides of the Rig Keeper can be used.

Internet photo -- not my flies
Side view 
Slits for flies and line.

In minimalistic tenkara, you could use it for holding flies and lines. Put some flies on one part of the foam and then wind your line(s) around the other part. Flies can be put on both sides of the foam if you want more than one fly.

Another use could be for holding pre-tied keiryu rigs. Or, for you older, visually challenged fishers, flies tied to a certain length of tippet that has a terminal loop. Then when you can't see due to the dark, just unroll your tippet-fly and loop it onto your line with a loop-to-loop connection. Pretty slick.

I love Smith Creek products. They are innovative and very well made. I use the Net Holster and Trash Fish almost every outing.

So if you are looking for something simple to hold your flies and line think of the Rig Keeper by Smith Creek.

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