September 21, 2014

Smith Creek Middle Fork Fly Patch

I recently posted a review on a new product from Smith Creek, the Rig Keeper. As I stated in that review, I like products from Smith Creek. I think they are very well thought out, made with quality materials, and are very functional. Today, I introduce another winner -- the Middle Fork Fly Patch.

The Middle Fork Fly Patch is a lightweight foam patch that is attached to your shirt, or pack, or vest with a pin zinger. It however, is light enough that you could just attach it to a lanyard. The foam is quality closed cell with numerous slots cut into both sides. There are two plastic ribs that protect the flies from getting rubbed off.

An aggressive pin to prevent loss. Great quality zinger, also.

Load up both sides. You can see that the ribs would keep flies from rubbing off.

 This could be an excellent product for tenkara minimalists. Just load up the Middle Fork Fly Patch with a few of your favorite flies -- say, subsurface on one side and dries on the other -- and leave your fly box at home. Now that's minimalist!

Like all Smith Creek products, the Middle Fork Fly Patch is well designed and highly functional. If you're into carrying the least amount of gear with you when you hit the stream, then this fly patch could be just what you're looking for!

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