October 7, 2014

Tenkara -- October 1, 2014

I fished a small mountain stream this past week that had gin clear water and numerous small rainbow trout. The largest rainbow was 10 inches, but many had fat bellies and all were very energetic.

The air was crisp at 54 degrees F; the water was 48 degrees F. There was new snow on the hill tops and the leaves were changing color, into their autumn splendor.  Best of all, I was the only one on the water.

All in all, it was a great outing. This was new water to me and I'd say it was pretty successful. I'll be back next year; it was that fun.

Here is a short video of the trip:


  1. Very nice video! I can't believe you already have snow. Living in a country where trout fishing in streams closes mid september it's a pleasure to watch tenkara videos from overseas.

  2. Мне тоже понравилось это видео!Жаль конечно ,что закончилась рыбалка 2014гг,но скоро наступит весна 2015.У нас нет форели,но у нас есть хариус,но только он уже скатился из речек в реку Лена в зимовальные ямы.Уже идет снег и мороз -10 градусов.Иркутская область Россия.

  3. From Google translate: "I also liked this video! Sorry of course that ended 2014. fishing , but soon spring comes 2015.U we have trout , but we have a grayling, but he had already slipped out of the rivers in the Lena River in wintering yamy.Uzhe snowing and cold -10 gradusov.Irkutskaya area Russia ."


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