November 27, 2014

Zimmerbuilt QuickDraw

I almost always carry two rods when I hit the stream. I have used a variety of ways to carry the extra rod from TrailLite Designs Ebira Plus rod quiver to a Zimmerbuilt Guide Sling to a Tenkara Centre rod holder. All of these carry extra rod(s) well and each has its own strengths. But always restless, and ever looking for someway new to carry a rod I purchased an new rod holster; the Zimmerbuilt QuickDraw.

The QuickDraw is a minimalist tenkara fisher's dream. In a nutshell, the QuickDraw is a mini rod sleeve that attaches to your belt or is worn over your shoulder and can carry up to two rods. It has a daisy chain for attaching accessories like a Zimmerbuilt Strap Pack making it very versatile.

QuickDraw with daisy chain and shoulder strap

With Tenkara Strap Pack attached

QuickDraw seen from the side. The belt loop is noticeable at the top.

Here is the QuickDraws description from the Zimmerbuilt website, "The Tenkara QuickDraw is a tenkara rod holster that can be worn on a belt or slung over your back. It will hold up to two tenkara rods (with the rod handles in alternating directions) and it has a daisy chain down the front to attach an accessory pocket such as the Tenkara Strap pack. The Tenkara rods are secured in the holster by a top bungee cord attachment that doubles as a tippet holder. The QuckDraw works great with rods that have an EZ Line Keeper attached to the rod. The QuickDraw can be worn on either side and can be easily slide to your backside to be kept out of the way while fishing.  Accessory items can be attached to the daisy chain as well as any of the 3 D-Rings to keep all your gear right on your hip for quick access. The QuickDraw is supplied with a cord and clips to be used as a minimalist sling and it can be purchased with or without a webbing belt. The QuickDraw is made of 500d Cordura and weighs in at 1oz."

The rod(s) are held in place by a micro bungee. The bungee can also be used to secure your tippet spools as well. This is really a great little item!

With one rod loaded

With two rods
Fully loaded and ready to go!

Like all Zimmerbuilt products that I have owned, the QuickDraw is made of quality materials and has flawless construction. The stitchings are heavy duty and very robust. Chris Zimmer is a true artisan, and he knows just what tenkara fishers like myself want in a product.

If you are looking for a simple, yet very effective way to carry up to two rods and maybe a few accessories, then the Zimmerbuilt QuickDraw might be just what you've waited for! I know I'm going to be using mine a lot!!


  1. Thanks for this very good review of this new Zimmerbuilt "pack", I really like the minimalist yet functional features.

  2. Super cool. I've been looking for something like this. I've been using my wading staff holster for my spare tenkara rod. This basically serves the same purpose with the added functions of tippet holder and pack attachments.