December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Tenkara -- One hour on the Creek

I had a few minutes to slip away on Thanksgiving Day to fish a creek that is small in width and very brushy. I had taken my Kiyotaki 24, a 7 foot line and a few #12 Utah Killer Bugs with me and that's all I needed.  I fished for exactly one hour. I wanted to fish, but I didn't want to upset my family by being gone too long.

Over that hour I hooked eight browns. None of them were very large and most I let spit the hook, instead of bringing them to hand.  The largest would have come in at about 10 inches.

Here's the video of a few of the fish and the challenges of the creek.

I hope your Thanksgiving was uneventful and that you were able to get away from the television for a while!

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