February 26, 2015

My Treatise on Rod Testing published on Tenkara-Fisher.com

I little while ago I was asked by Adam Trahan to write an article on rod testing for his tenkara forum, Tenkara-Fisher.com.  Tenkara-Fisher.com is a full topic forum in that not only are forum categories like Rod Shop, Kebari, Camping, etc available for discussions, but also articles are written to aid in the education and dissemination of information among the greater tenkara community. Articles about camping, cooking methods, gear, fly tying, and fishing philosophy are frequently published. Adam also publishes interviews with tenkara fishers from around the world. These are fun to read and learn how tenkara is practiced by others of different fishing backgrounds.

I don't personally follow many tenkara forums, but I do check in on Tenkara-Fisher.com frequently.

From Tenkara-Fisher.com

I have been able to contribute to Tenkara-Fisher.com in the past. I was asked to write an article on my own version of tenkara and how it can to be; my so called journey. It was fun to try to describe to readers what tenkara means to me and how it has helped me discover fly fishing, despite having fly fished for over 25 years.

Anyway, as you are aware, I like rod testing and writing rod reviews. Therefore Adam asked for an article on rod testing. I tried to be thoughtful, thorough and comprehensive, and approach static rod testing in a systematic way, hence, I call the article a "A Treatise on Static Testing and the Classification of Tenkara, Keiryu, and Seiryu Rods". I hope it covers the topic appropriately and in a way that makes sense.

From Tenkara-Fisher.com

I'll keep reviewing rods, as I think it provides a service to those looking for rod information. I'm just trying to do my part to help disseminate information to those who, like me, are enjoying the journey.

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