March 1, 2015

Video Log -- February 19, 2015

Here is a video from a recent outing that I had. I fish this stream usually in April but this year the snow pack is so low, and the temperatures so high that it already feels like April. The stream has redband trout in it. It's heavily used during the summer and autumn so I only go during the early spiring, when no one else is around.

Most of the fish are small, averaging 5 inches. This trip, however, I caught some around 10 inches. That's pretty big for this water.  The water is very clear making stealth a must. I freely admit that I spook a lot of trout when ever I fish this stream. This year I did better. I think it was the combination of the Daiwa Sagiri 39MC, a light line and better casting. I use this water more for casting practice than to catch nice trout.


  1. Hi Tom. Very nice video. I envy you. Where I live and fish, we can only stream fish for trout from the last Saturday in April until the 15th of November. You did a great job of demonstrating that the fly pattern choices you made were all pretty successful with the fish. Did any pattern have an advantage over the others in productivity or were they all pretty equal on that day?

    1. They all worked about the same that day. I tried some lighter colored flies but they did not work as well as the darker hues.


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