May 21, 2015

Thank you!!

I just want to thank all of you who have made donations to the blog over the past year or so.  It is really appreciated! Although Teton Tenkara is not the absolute definitive source of all things tenkara, I do strive to share what I have found out during my own explorations of this simple, yet elegant method of fishing. I hope that it is more than just a blog and that it is of some benefit to the greater tenkara community. So, whether you are from the USA or Russia, Japan or Brazil, UK or Canada, thank you so much for your support and donation.

I'd like to also thank my Youtube channel subscribers. As of today I have 605. Thanks for watching!

If you like what you see on Teton Tenkara and would like to support its ongoing publication, feel free to click the "Donate" tab and help out. I appreciate your support.

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