June 6, 2015

A second visit to the new water

After my recent successful trip to new waters, I decided to try it again. I went a little further upstream and fished for a couple of hours. This time the wind wasn't blowing. That makes it a whole lot easier to see the strikes and properly hook the fish. Because of the still air, I used a #3 line.

The water seemed to be clearing a little bit compared to just a few days ago so instead of the bright red Tenryu rod I went with my Zerosum 360 (which I haven't fished for a little while).  Still, the water was discolored and I had to choose my flies accordingly.

Once again I caught mostly cutthroats, although, I did hook one brook trout. I used a variety of flies but nothing hooked them as consistently as a red Squirmy Wormy.  Even a pink Squirmy Wormy didn't produce as well. I suspect this was due to the lack of clarity of the water making the other flies harder for the trout to see.  I'm becoming rather impressed with this fly, although I am somewhat disappointed with it's durability.

It seems that this was another successful sortie into new waters and last visit wasn't a fluke. I'll be back later in the summer to see how the waters holds up and how things change with the heat.

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