April 7, 2016

Tenkara April 4, 2016

I had a chance to visit another of my favorite small creeks on April 4th. The snow was still covering the road, so I had to walk in a ways but it was worth it.

I usually catch rainbows in this creek but I caught 3 native wild cutthroats that day as well. I couldn't believe it! Two were pretty small, but one was about 9 inches. Not big by any standard but for this water not that bad of a size either.

This creek is really small; you can step across it at a number of places. It does widen out and get some depth in certain pools, but there is a lot of riparian vegetation that makes casating interesting. I mostly use a Kiyotaki 24 but in the more open spots I go up to a 310 cm rod.

Here's the video. Again, no music. This video is mainly just to document my trip.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Another nice video. After watching, I have a few questions.. Do you have a long Kyotaki (39?) If you do, what tippet is recommended (Is it a big fish rod)? I have a net very much like yours. How do you carry it? How do you carry your extra rod........a quiver, sling, or backpack?



    1. I don't have a Kiyotaki 39. I did a few years ago but sold it. It is not a really big fish rod, but it will handle some good size ones (14-16). 6X tippet tops. As far as the net, I carry it using a Smith Creek net holster. http://www.smithcreek.co/net-holster.php

      If I carry an extra rod (i'm doing this less and less) I prefer a quiver. The extra rod gets caught less on branches as I work my way through the woods.


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