June 28, 2016

The Beauty of Freestone Streams

My favorite type of stream to fish is the mountain freestone stream. I love how the water courses its way around rocks and boulders making pockets and channels for trout to lie in. Although they can be the least fertile type of trout water, they are some of the most beautiful. The trout are frequently small, but fighting them in the current makes up their lack of size.

Today I fished a beautiful freestone stream. After walking cross country a little ways I descended into the canyon and worked my way downstream before entering the water. The water was crystal clear and still a little high from the melting high mountain snows.

I worked my way upstream, casting to the large variety of pockets, as the water tumbled and churned around my legs. I caught rainbows and cutthroats from 8 inches to 13 inches. The fast water makes fighting the fish the main challenge. Having to guide the fish to where you want it to go is most of the battle.

I generally fish this stream later in the year when the water is a little lower, but it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place.  I fished for my usual two hours, taking 15 trout and having a wonderful time.


  1. Hey Tom, been enjoying your blog for quite some time. Great content! Just curious, is that a traditional prince nymph tied on a jig hook? Looks pretty big but I can't tell from the photo.