July 1, 2016

Fujino Soft Tenkara "White Tenkara" line

There have been a few tapered nylon lines available for a number of years, including Fujino Midi, Fujino Soft Tenkara and Soft Tenkara long type, and Fujino Tenkara Line. I have fished with all of these and find them very affective, although I still prefer fluorocarbon level lines for the type of water I fish.

Most nylon tapered lines come in eye popping colors such as bright orange or fluorescent green, excepting the Fujino Tenkara Line which has an ice blue color option. I like this line color and find it remarkably easy to see against most any background.

Fujino has just announced that it will release a new color in the Soft Tenkara family of lines. They call it White Tenkara. It is designed to be more stealthy and scare fish less than the brighter colors. It comes in 3.0, 3.3, 3.6 and 4.0 meter lengths. Fujino claims that this new color is advantageous especially in low light conditions of dusk and dawn.

So if you like the Soft Tenkara family of lines then you might want to consider the new White Tenkara line. Another line! Oh, goodie, something else to try out!


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