November 24, 2016

Small Stream Rainbows

Recently, before the snow started to fly, I fished a small stream that I find very challenging. It runs near a campground, so I don't go there in the summer, when it is frequented by campers.

I usually start my fishing near an irrigation diversion and work my way upstream. This stream is very fun in the spring, and it usually has more water than than it does this time of year. The water is very clear and the trout can be seen in the shallower reaches, making site fishing possible. This time I even caught a rainbow with just my net, as I snuck up on him and scooped him up!

I used the modified Zen Suzume with a 6 foot line and 2.5 feet of tippet. This makes for some very close fishing, so stealth is of prime importance. This is my favorite type of fishing.

I don't know if anyone else fishes this stream but I find it very productive, if I can get all the things right -- right stealth, rod length, line length, tippet length and fly. Also, if the light is low it is better as well.

Here is the video of my trip, with some of the fish. The largest is a little longer than 13 inches. That's really nice for this size of stream!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Looks like a fun little river to fish. I love sight fishing whenever possible.