November 20, 2016


I we finally received some snow. Eastern Idaho, like much of the country, has been experiencing a delayed winter. However, we finally received some snow this week and the temperatures have dropped.

Despite this, I decided to do a little fishing. I drove into one of the canyons and walked down to the stream bottom. The air temperature was 42°F (a high for the day) and the water was 38°F. I fished for only an hour; the cutthroats were a little off due to the sudden change in weather.

The fish I did take were bright and beautiful. The largest was 12 inches and put up a respectable fight on the Try 360.  The trout took beadheads, despite the water being low. I couldn't induce any interest in wool bodies kebari and I wasn't willing to get skunked, so beadheads saved the day. I had to place the fly directly on the fish's nose to induce the take.

Anyway, I didn't fish long; didn't need to. It was fun, but it was cold. I've not acclimatized to the cold yet. Winter fishing is coming on! I can't wait!


  1. Tom, what guides your choice of rod on a cold snowy winter day? Less fragile, cheaper to repair if damaged?

    1. I tend to fish the same rods winter or summer, except if the air temps are lower than 30. I then use a less expensive, easier to repair rod.