January 29, 2017

Another option for you wet wading types

Foxfire will be releasing a wading gaiter that might be of some interest to those of you who like to wet wade.

Here is what the Japanese site says about them (with help from Google translate):

A socks integrated gauge for wet wading that makes the summer fishing fun cool and light. Due to its unique structure to be fixed right above the knee and three-dimensional cutting, realized ease of movement and slippage. The socks part adopts a well drained punching (perforated processing) chloroprene.

It looks like they will be about $102 USD before shipping. I doubt I'll get a pair, as they are a bit expensive and my foot size is likely too large. I'll continue to use what I already have. But I wanted to pass the information on in case you were interested.

You could probably get some from a direct Japanese importer, like Tenkara-Ya, or from Chris at TenkaraBum.

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  1. Hi Tom, I got a pair of these, https://esoterictackle.co.uk/accessories/134-wader-knee-and-shin-guards-0700729930830.html after reading the TenkaraTalk review of them. They are also meant for wet wading. The price is much better as well but there are no socks included. I have not had a chance to use them yet as trout season is closed here until the last Saturday in April, and we have had so much snow and rain here that wet wading will be out of the question for a good while after that but I am looking forward to being more stealth-full and not having skinned up shins this season....Karl.