January 20, 2017

January 19, 2017 -- a little winter fishing

This winter has been anything but normal. It has snowed and snowed. This is great for the high elevation snow pack, but it has affected my winter fishing. The streams are in great shape, but I just can't get to them!

Most winters I can find places to park and not get stuck, but this year I can't. The snow is plowed right to edge of the road and is much too deep to drive into and not get stuck. So, the times I have been out I've had my wife drop me off and come pick me up. I've not recorded my trips this winter, as I'm getting tired of carrying my camera, but this week I did record the outing.

The water was very nice; it was snowing and there was a slight breeze. I only fished for 1 hour and 15 minutes but took a number of browns and one whitefish. Here's a video of some of the fish:


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