February 28, 2017

A Crazy Winter; Time to Reminisce

As you may have heard or read, the west is flush with snow this winter. There has been so much snow that we have been running out of places to put it. On top of that, we had two weeks of rain. This caused premature snow melt, swelling the streams and creeks, and causing wide spread flooding.

Now, I'm not complaining, at least not too loudly, since I live on a well. My static water level has slowly, but persistently, fallen over the last 5-10 years. I like water. I'm mostly made of water. Therefore, I don't begrudge a good snow year.

But I also like to fish -- all year round. But this winter I have fished very little. I'm looking forward to good streams levels this summer, but I'd like a little instant gratification now. I want to go fishing!

Alas, I can't. Most creeks I fish have increased their flows by 200% already. I'll just have to wait and be patient.

So, I'd like to do a little reminiscing of this past year -- some fishing, some not. I had some great trips. I caught some beautiful fish in some beautiful places. I survived another surgery, I saw my son get married, I visited my grandchildren and I made changes in my career.  It was a good year. Let me share it with you, starting with a year ago January until now....

Me and my bride of 30 years doing some backcountry snowshoeing in our favorite place.

Our grandson gave us a scare with post-viral fulminate liver failure. He recovered miraculously and is healthy today.

Me holding a precious treasure from the mountains of Idaho.

I love winter fishing

Scouting out a creek to fish later in the season. 

My kind of water -- small and technical.

A highlight of the year, fishing with Alan Luecke in MO

Fishing Roaring River SP with my son-in-law.

Some of the west's treasures.

A happy fly after a days work. 

The Oregonians.

A visit from the Oregonians and a little day hiking into the hills.

My son's wedding -- gluten free. 

A great blessing -- to have all of our children together again.

Rush hour. 

Fruits of my labors.

A hard fought for result from a new (to me) creek. 


One of the angels of heaven.

My favorite trout. 

Snow back in the high country. 

The far away family -- pure joy! Always fun to visit!

More snow than we've had in years. 

My crazy wife. 

Enjoying life together. Thank you, honey. You're the joy of my life!


  1. Tom, looks like you've had a great year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos and fish of course! As you pointed out scouting places you haven't been to is one advantage of not being able to fish. You should have plenty of great opportunities this summer. Tight lines.

  3. Thank you for sharing. What a great Family.
    Incidentally it is good to see from the photos what you actually look like rather than being covered by the camo gear. You could say that you are quite a handsome looking guy! 😀