February 8, 2017

Finally, a little fishing.

With three feet of snow sitting in my front yard, and more in the canyons, I haven't done much fishing this winter. I just can't get to the streams I normally fish; there's no place to park the car. But recently I did a bit of traveling and I got to do some fishing!

My observatory -- no imaging this winter!

I didn't catch much, and they weren't of any size, but it was fishing. The creek I fished was low and very clear. Normally the trout that reside in it are very easily spooked and with the water so low and clear they were especially easy to spook. It was tough fishing!

One thing I learned this trip: although I don't fish my Tenryu TF39TA very much it is a really nice travel rod. It fits perfectly inside of my carry on hardshell luggage and doesn't get in the way of my other stuff.

My travel gear. 

Here is a short video of the creek and some of the fish:


  1. I know that place! Man is it low. Pretty fish! I was thinking of heading there in March but I may skip it after seeing the water that low.

    1. Just watch for the rains. If they come they will bring the water levels up.

  2. Sneaking in some practice on me!

  3. I was visiting AR and wasn't sure I'd have time to go fishing. I snuck a couple hours in. Boy, the water was low!