March 18, 2017

An easy way to carry your stuff

I recently made a change in my work and now I work in a different location. Near where I work now are some canyons, walking paths and streams. This, of course, provides me the opportunity to walk for exercise and fish for relaxation.

But when I'm there I don't want to carry much stuff. And the stuff I do carry I want to be easy to use and not in the way. Therefore I've been experimenting with a new way to carry my rod, lines and flies so I can walk on the paths and yet easily fish when the opportunity arises.

I recently showed you my chest packs and the stuff I carry in them, well, I've got another pack that I keep in the car. This is the one I've been using lately and I've found a way to carry a rod on it to make it very minimal and non-encumbering. 

The pack is a Zimmerbuilt Strap Pack. On it I have a neck lanyard which I can lengthen or shorten based upon my needs -- shorten to go around neck for fishing, or lengthen to go over my shoulder for walking. In it I have a small foam fly box, a couple of lines (on spool cards), nippers, a Ty-Rite, a spool of tippet and a Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp

But I needed a way to carry a rod. I could carry it in my hands, or my pocket, or with a length of paracord. But why should I? I already way carrying the Strap Pack. So I hit upon this idea: use my snap-on line winder to attach the rod to the neck lanyard. So, that is what I did.

I took the Snap-on line winder, put the neck lanyard along the inside and clipped it to the rod. The line winder clicks on tightly to the rod, which is in turn held to the lanyard. The whole thing can be carried over the shoulder and doesn't get in the way of walking. Then, when I come to a section of stream that looks promising, I unsnap the line winder from the rod/lanyard, extend the line, and fish. It works great and there is no need to have other stuff, like packs, slings, quivers, etc.  

Sure, I don't have a net, but I consider a net non-essential. For a quick fishing trip, particularly during a nice walk, a net is just not needed.

I know what you're thinking -- just use a Nissin Pocket Mini and carry it in your pocket. Yes, I could, but I sold mine and I prefer the other rods I have. 

So there you go, another way to carry your tenkara rod without having to carry other gear. It's simple, elegant and practical. For a short walk, it works great!

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  1. I really like the hack of the line holder. Good idea, thanks for sharing!