April 16, 2017

A Walk on a Windy Day with some Fishing

A few posts back I showed a way to carry your rod and small gear pack while on a short walk.  Well, the other day my wife and I did just such a walk. The weather was very fine and quite warm, for this time of year. The sky was clear and the sun bright, but there was a front coming in causing 20-25 mph wind gusts. The canyon we were walking in seemed to intensify the gusts as well.

The path we walked was along side a freestone river that I occasionally fish. Since the wind was pretty crazy I had not planned on fishing, but I took my gear anyway. I took along my Zimmerbuilt Srap pack and TenkaraBum 36, just in case the opportunity presented itself.

As we walked up the path we came across areas of the river that were approachable without getting into the water. I fished here and there and, despite fighting the wind, I was able to catch a number of fish.  All were browns. All were taken on heavy beadhead nymphs. The beadhead helped keep my line in the water despite the wind. As we walked along, my wife used her phone to capture some of my fishing and the trout I caught.

Fishing the diversion dam

We had a wonderful time. Even with the wind it was a very nice afternoon, just being out in the spring weather. The TB36 handled the heavy beadheads really well. I like this rod the more I fish it.

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