May 8, 2017

Finn Utility Tenkara Roll

I recently received a great product made for tenkara rods by Finn Utility. If you're not familiar with this company, it is because most of its products are made for western-style fly fishing.

Finn Utility - Fly Fishing Products from Finn Utility on Vimeo.

Nevertheless, Finn Utility has made a few products that we tenkara angers should be aware of. The Tenkara Roll is one of them.

The Tenkara Roll is a soft carrying case for tenkara rods. Here is what the company says, "This simple design is a take down from our wildly popular Richmond Rod Tube Roll. Originally created as a carrying case for Tenkara rod reps. Easy to open, close and pack away, the Tenkara roll offers protection and function wrapped in one.

Finn Utility, is a fly fishing product company based in Jonesville, VT. Finn is focused on using the highest quality materials designed and developed in the USA.  Finn Utility is dedicated to respecting the traditional aesthetic with a touch of modern. Their mission, simply, is to create classic, durable and useful products that will last a lifetime."  

The specifications are:

MATERIALS: 10oz. waxed canvas, brass rectangle rings, cotton webbing.
WEIGHT: 5oz.
LENGTH: 22 inches - holds 21 inch rods
WIDTH: 12 inches - 5 pockets

The Tenkara Roll version Finn Utility sent me was unwaxed cotton in a classic camo pattern. It is made very well with finished edges, straight sewn seams, and a well thought out design. The handle pockets on the inside, and the sewing thread seams, are in hunter blaze orange, which gives a really nice contrast to the camo pattern.

The cotton webbing cinch strap is sewn on well, and is unlikely to come off with normal, use. It is in the center of the roll and holds the rods in tightly.

As the specs say, the roll is made for 21 inch rods. I'm not sure where this measurement comes from, but very few of my rods are 21 inches or less fully nested. As you know, I have a lot of rods, most of which are Japanese in manufacture or design, and only two are 21 inches or shorter -- my Tenryu TF39TA and my Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu Tenkara. Maybe the folks at Finn Utility designed the Tenkara Roll for US style (Chinese made) tenkara rods (which may be shorter), I'm not sure. Still, the roll works with my Nissin Pro-Spec 2-way 360 which is 23 inches. The top flap doesn't fold over as far as with the Air Stage Fuijiryu Tenkara though.

The Tenkara Roll is really nice. It's well designed, beautifully made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. I think it could be more useful if it would accommodate rods that collapse to about 24-25 inches - that would make it more compatible for a wider range of tenkara rods, but that's just me being picky. This is a great product that works really well. As the company goal says, it's a useful and durable product that should last a lifetime.


  1. I also had inquired to Finn Utility about accommodating longer rods. They we're more than happy to make it longer. I asked if there was any pictures of the roll loaded up with 5 rods... any chance of taking a picture with all 5 pockets filled open & closed?

    Your max rod collapsed with tip cap is 25"? My current longest is just under 23" with Fuji tip cap. I have Nissin, Daiwa, and Suntech rods. Want to make sure I get it long enough to fill those other two pockets eventually.

    Do the rods shift and clank together since only the handles are being held in place? Not sure if I should keep the handle pockets all the same or make some slimmer.

    1. It will hold five rods. However, you might want to put an elastic band or another tie around the part where the rod tips are to keep them better controlled.

  2. We have extended the Roll to 26"

    Thank you for the kind review.

    Best Regards

  3. We have extended the length to 26"

    Thank you for the review.
    Best Regards

    1. Thanks, Ryan. The Tenkara Roll is a great product that will now be even better!


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